How to subscribe to

A podcast can be listened to in a podcast app on your smartphone, on a podcast app in your car, or in a web browser on your computer and of course the simplest way to subscribe is to open your favourite podcast app and search for

In your car of course you can connect your smartphone to your car's Bluetooth or auxiliary input, but some cars have podcast apps built in, like Stitcher or others, you'll need to search for to see if your car's podcast app supports us.



Sorry to start with the nerdiest option first, but every single podcast in the universe has an RSS feed, it's the link that lets you know there's new episodes. If your favourite podcast app isn't listed here, you'll probably want this link. 


Pocket Casts

A favourite podcast  app on Android and iOS, Pocket Casts is also Australian made by Adelaide developers, Shifty Jelly



Josh's favourite podcast app is Overcast. It's an iPhone/iPad only app, but it's free and a favourite.



Big in the USA and found in many cars, Stitcher is a popular podcast app.


Apple Podcasts

The reason podcasts are called podcasts is pretty much Apple's fault. They made the way for the podcast industry we now know, and of course iTunes or Apple Podcasts is a very popular place to listen. You can also leave a five star review here if you enjoyed the show.