We're not so desperate anymore

As always, thanks for tuning in! In the episode recorded on 22 March 2018, we talked about:

  • funerals - the world of funerals has been pretty slow in Melbourne throughout February and March, and we talked about how we can manage a seasonal business
  • custom made coffins - Josh talked about meeting a graphic designer who works for a coffin manufacturer https://expressioncoffins.com.au/ Expressions Coffins designs beautiful wraps for standard coffins, that can reflect the personality of the deceased. Definitely worth a look if you're interested in the world of funerals!
  • Official Certificate of Marriage and DONLIM template - the lovely Peter Willington was good enough to design some writeable PDF templates for the OCM and DONLIM, but we've found some users having issues with them, so we discuss the solution. Shout out if you're still having trouble...
  • second weddings - how do we deal with couples who've already been legally married and are now having a big ceremony with their friends and family involved? We know that we have to make it clear it's not a legal ceremony, but some couples are really unhappy about this. We talk about how we manage this with our couples.
  • gender vs sex on the Notice of Intended Marriage - that pesky descriptor question is a tricky one, and we talk about how Sarah's advice in an earlier episode wasn't strictly on point... http://www.coalitionofcelebrantassociations.org.au/issues/119-raised-with-the-ag-department/608-terminology-for-marriages-post-9th-december-2017
  • cancellations, refunds, contracts - having a contract or at least some terms and conditions around cancellations and refunds is super important. Have a look at Josh's contract at www.marriedbyjosh.com/servicecontract

As always, let us know any questions!